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360° Full Dome Projection

The Project

It was on visiting The Royal Observatory and watching the truly mesmerizing Dark Matter, when the idea for Audio Sonic Vision was born….
Set on creating our own full dome projection experience we have put together something truly unique.

With the aid of a grant from Arts Council England, we are able to bring the universally acclaimed Sonic Vision to England for the first time, in a setting never done before.

This is the creation of an audio-visual, fully immersive experience.

Presented in a planetarium style format, it will engage the audience with an illusion of movement and a feeling of being within the project.

Sound is to be visually represented with images projected 360° around a dome.

The Constellation Collective have produced a soundtrack that is their audio interpretation of a 3D digitally animated film. Their diverse backgrounds will give a wide interpretation that is moving and intense at times. Drawing on elements of folk, electronica, punk, indie and soul it will be unique in its composition.

Sonic Vision is a digitally animated production from the American Museum of Natural History. The film consists of flying fractals and geometric shapes, which will be intriguing and appealing to all. The soundtrack created is an undeniable representation of the images being projected.
We will show a piece of art that delves in to peoples’ consciousness and asks them questions about their relationships with sound, light, movement and the geometry seen all around.

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