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Here at Jellyfish Moon we like to do things differently


Born out of a want to be creative, yet professional. To push boundaries and offer new and exciting things, fusing old and new.

By utilizing the latest techniques, structures, equipment and technology, JELLYFISHMOON are able to deliver the next generation in audio-visual productions.

Bringing together our shared love of music, art, film and architecture, the aim is to bring our creations to life, using 4K full dome projections shown in our spellbinding geodesic dome.

Using these structures, we create full dome, fully immersive productions with an emphasis on recognizing the relationship between light, sound and vision.

JELLYFISHMOON presents Audio Sonic Vision is a leap forward in immersive entertainment in a mobile environment.

In May this year JELLYFISHMOON bring the American Natural History Museum’s universally acclaimed Sonic Vision to England for the first time.
Sonic Vision uses digitally animated frames to create a geometric journey that is projected 360° around the audience.

To complete the sensory onrush we have enlisted the musically diverse and gifted Constellation Collective to score a soundtrack that will be a clear audio representation and interpretation of the images being shown.

We take the production to the town wide Southport Festival, 6-8th May, before a solo exhibition at the historical St Georges’ Hall Plateau, Liverpool, 27-30th May 2016.

Following the conclusion of the Arts Council Funded project, the production goes international, fulfilling bookings at the sublime Secret Solstice Festival before a summer long stint at the world renowned Harpa Concert Hall where the marrying of architectural styles is sure to create a memorable scene.



We offer our creative expertise and productions to you, the people! If you want our productions at your venue, email us at

We concentrate on our own productions and taking them on tour but we are keen to work with organizations and individuals on mutually beneficial projects when time permits.

We have a range of structures that we use for our productions, all of them being individual and striking in nature.